Sunday, 6 November 2011

Interflagulated Wingwangs

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Hi honeys, I'm home! Sorry to be away for so long, but last week took the stuffing out of me, and there seemed to be something every night of the week to deal with. Himself came back from Dubai last night full of tales of the tallest buildings and some very dodgy looking ladies in the bars!

Anyhow, I have discovered a favourite (new) Sunday pass time. As we hung around the industrial estate waiting for the computer supplies shop to open and sell me some much-needed toner for my NaNoWriMo printouts, we wandered into DFS settee store. And I never knew pretend sofa shopping could be so much fun.

Especially when Himself sat majestically in a two-person armchair, adjusted the 'Inteflagulated Wingwangs', wiggled his imaginary gearstick on the arms of the chair, and had a very loud space-battle, shooting his 'Ion Drive' at the aliens in large, loud bursts of energy... much to the bemusement of the sales staff. Who I then had fun hiding from every time they looked like they were about to try to sell me something.

Ah, Sunday mornings with my beloved :)

In other news, after not writing all week... I have managed to squeeze up past the 10k mark for NaNo today, so just about back on track.

Happy Sunday
Laura x


  1. Yay, congrats on getting past 10k!! That rocks!

  2. Thank you for the idea! Next time I am in a settee store I will have an imaginary space battle. Yes.

  3. Oh that is brilliant. Just the sort of thing my honey and I would do :-)

    Congratulations on your word count, that's awesome!

  4. I have never done NaNoWriMo, I would love to, but ... survival is first. Congrats on the 10k!