Saturday, 10 March 2012

Freebie Shoutout

Hi guys!
How are you all?
Do you remember, last September, I did a quick review here of my father's kindle short story, 'Whatever You Desire'? Well -if it took your fancy, he's got it up for free at Kindle at the moment, download at: here here

here's the blurb: 
Whenever the world faces a new challenge we expect the scientists to give us the solution. A magic bullet that will make all the problems go away. Whether it is peak oil, global warming or the ozone hole we look to them for the answer. What will happen on day they say - “There is nothing that we can do, it's all over, there is no way back!” 
Whatever You Desire tells the story of that day seen through the eyes of one who was there. A bleak prospect? Well actually no.The experience gives them the strength to be who they really are. There is always silver lining.

And here's a quick fire brain pick from the author:

Q. Why did you write this story?
A. It was an idea I'd had floating around in my mind for some time and I decided to use it for a Bridport prize entry.

Q. Did you get a prize?
A. No.

Q. The style of this story is very compact and dense, was this deliberate?
A. I'm not sure now. Thinking back I guess it was in a subliminal sort of way. It was designed to work on many levels and is partly about academia and it's interaction with the 'rest of the world', so I guess I was influenced by the academic writing style. The other thing that was going on for me at the time was I wanted to write a novel, but didn't have the time to give a project of that size so 'Whatever You Desire' ended up being a novel with the other 97000 left out.

So there you have it - a free weekend read - or at least free 'till Monday
Laura x


  1. Short is good sometimes as well! Tell your father thanks.

  2. Unfortunately I don't own a kindle but it's a kind offer from your father.


  3. Sounds like a good premise. Give your father a thumbs up from me :)

  4. Wonderful, I shall read this tomorrow over coffee, thanks Laura's Daddy :-)

  5. Lovely of you to give your dada a shout out Laura! I'll download it now. D. Thanks!

  6. Hi Laura! I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge list to get a head start in finding some great new blogs. Nice to meet you! And look at this, a free download-- Cool!


  7. Ah! Is it still free? I must pop over and grab it!

    Hope you had a great weekend.